Cal State set to drop placement tests

Currently, Cal. State University has 20% of their students get a bachelor’s degree in 4 years. 

Think about that for a minute. 

Perhaps parents should start suing the government schools for taking their tax money and squandering the lives of their children.

California State University set to scrap placement tests

California State University’s placement tests are set to become a thing of the past. The chancellor’s office wants to evaluate whether students are ready for college by using markers like high school grades and SAT or ACT scores instead of the English and math placement tests that have long been the standard.


Currently, almost 40 percent of freshman start in no-credit remedial courses.

The chancellor’s executive order also directs CSU schools to create for-credit “stretch” courses that move more slowly and include extra support.

It also expands a summer prep course for students who aren’t quite ready.

The CSU’s goal is to get 40 percent of students to a bachelor’s degree in four years by 2025. That’s double the current four-year completion rate.

Some faculty members fear the changes will pressure them to lower standards to help unprepared students pass their classes.

“Some of California’s community colleges are also phasing out placement testsand moving more students who would have traditionally gone into remedial courses into credit-bearing classes with extra support,” reports DeRuy. “A bill in Sacramento would require all of the state’s community colleges to adopt a similar approach.”

Via Joanne Jacobs