BIAS ALERT: Slate switches from defense of Electoral College to calling it a tool of white supremacy

This is why I mock both Democrat and Republican partisans. They make moral statements based on their “guy” being in office. 

What a difference four years and Donald Trump’s victory make for the liberal site Slate. 

Slate published a piece in November 2012 called “In Defense of the Electoral College” that lists five reasons why the system, which allows state electors to ultimately select the future president whether or not that person won the popular vote, is actually great for democracy. 

Those reasons include the “certainty of outcome” and being able to avoid run-off elections.  

Of course, that was published in the wake of President Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney. The left-leaning site is singing a very different tune this year.

Slate published a new piece a few days after this year’s election calling the Electoral College an “instrument of white supremacy and sexism.” 

The writer claims that the Electoral College was used to both perpetuate slavery, through the Three-Fifths Clause that was eventually abolished, and delay the advancement of women’s suffrage. 

How do the folks at Slate justify this about-face? 

They don’t, of course. But they do encourage readers to embrace the idea of abolishing the Electoral College entirely. 

Via Fox News