Autonomous Tractor Concept Takes The Farmers Out Of Farming


More Time Managing Farms, Less Time Driving Around Them. 

Tractors revolutionized farming. We’ve written about tractors in Popular Science for a century, and like the use of domesticated animals before them, tractors greatly increased the amount of land a farmer could use, and because tractors ran on fuels and not grains, using tractors instead of horses and mules freed up former animal feed land for other crops. The revolution first took off in the 1920s, and it continues to this day. Only this time, instead of a human driving the tractor across the land, autonomous tractors drive themselves.

This is the Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle, by Case IH Agriculture. It’s a tractor without the person, relying instead on remote control, sensors, and autonomy. Here, it detects an obstacle, alerts the farmer, who then steers it clear of the pole in its path.

Watch the Case IH concept below:

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At Case IH we’re rethinking productivity. The Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle has the potential to revolutionize farming. Tell us how autonomy fits within your operation at