Ariz. court rejects appeal for death penalty for illegal accused of murder


Arizona prosecutors have lost an appeal to seek the death penalty against an illegal immigrant accused of murdering a store clerk. This week the state’s Court of Appeals denied the request, ruling the 34-year-old Mexican national can not face capital punishment because he is “intellectually disabled.” The court also told prosecutors they are not allowed to mention that the suspect is an illegal migrant who has been previously deported.

Apolinar Altamirano is being tried on murder charges after he allegedly shot a 21-year-old convenience store clerk in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area back in 2015, while trying to steal several packs of cigarettes.


“He then stepped over Grant’s body, grabbed a couple more packs of cigarettes, stepped back over Grant and turned and looked at my son. He wanted to make sure he was dead because if he wasn’t, he was going to shoot him again. These are stories that are happening every single day”

— Steve Ronnebeck, victim’s father

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