ANTIFA Clashes With Black Lives Matter in Dallas

This is what happens when fascists collide. 

Again, you can’t tell who is on which team since they are wearing the say jerseys. 

During the night, Black Lives Matter and Antifa squared off. Black Lives Matter members demanded Anitfa remove their masks and leave the city.

One member of Black Lives Matter seemed to lead the shouting match between the groups, as one member of Antifa held a bullhorn that emitted a loud siren noise to cover the BLM member’s speech. Antifa members then began to accuse the Black Lives Matter member of being a cop.

The BLM member then got into the face of the Antifa member, threatening to knock his mask off. The Antifa member responded by punching the BLM member in the face. The BLM member stepped back and raised his hands into the air.

This caused a momentary separation of the two groups. Screaming and accusations were thrown back and forth between the opposing factions. BLM members then began to chant “take your mask off” at members of Antifa.

Content warning: Violence and coarse language:

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