Antifa Changes Name To Just ‘Fa’

NewImageVia the Babylon Bee

U.S.—In a move designed to improve the accuracy of the name of the movement, a gathering of leaders of the Antifa protest group voted Monday to change its name to just “Fa,” better reflecting its fascist ideas and methods.

The new name is short for just “Fascist,” according to the group of often violent protesters.

“We were called ‘Antifa,’ but let’s be honest here, we’re using violence to advance our cause, we forcibly suppress those who oppose us, and we’d all be okay with a totalitarian Communist regime,” an Antifa spokesperson clad in all black said in a press conference. “We still want to punch Nazis and stuff, but we’re going to be a little more honest going forward about what we support.”

“If we’re gonna be shutting down the free speech of people we disagree with, it’s just a lot more accurate to call us fascists, to be honest,” he added.

At publishing time, the alt-right had announced it is now identifying itself as “basically just neo-Nazis.”

For Tom Hanson, who cannot tell the difference: this is satire.