Angry Sanders Backers Are Ready For Protest, Different VP Pick


Bernie Sanders supporters mobilized for a week’s worth of action Monday, warning of protests against Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech and a challenge to vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

They feel more shut out of the process than ever, thanks to the WikiLeaks revelation of emails from the Democratic National Committee showing the party was helping Clinton.

“It confirms or reaffirms in the minds of most Bernie delegates we are getting a raw deal,” said Karen Bernal, a California Sanders delegate.

She and others spoke at a morning news conference in downtown Philadelphia hours before Sanders was to meet with the delegates. The Vermont senator was expected to urge them to back Clinton, though he has not said anything about the potential protests.

“He’s not running the movement,” said Norman Solomon, national coordinator of the Bernie Delegate Network, which operates independent of Sanders.

The network has been conducting a straw poll of Sanders delegates.

Via the Idaho Statesman