Akron raises grad rate by lowering expectations

If you cannot educate them, lower the bar. 

Check out the requirements for a diploma

The new requirements are absurdly easy. Students need only meet two of nine metrics, which include non-academic measures such as 93 percent attendance during a student’s senior year and completing 120 hours of community service.

. . . After identifying all the students who weren’t on track to graduate, district officials required those lacking end-of-course exam points to complete a “senior project.” The second alternative metric was left up to students, and most chose the GPA (a senior year 2.5 average), good attendance or community service options.

If you lower the bar so that all you have to do is fog a mirror, are you really educating? And what are taxpayers getting for that $12,000+ per student per year?

Akron school district expects sharp increase in graduates as a result of state’s new alternative requirements

At the beginning of the school year, only 54 percent of Akron Public Schools seniors were on track to graduate. But since the state implemented alternative paths to graduation for the class at the academic year’s start, the district has not only raised that by nearly 40 percentage points – it’s come the closest it’s been in more than 35 years to reaching its target graduation rate.