Accident or Terror?

Islamist terror will not go away by pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Amid calls by Islamic Stateforlone wolfattacks on the 2018 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, ataxi driver near Red Squareswerved onto the sidewalk and ran over a crowd of people. Seven people were injured including two soccer fans from Mexico.

Almost immediately, the mayor of Moscow issued a statement on Twitter saying, “There was an unpleasant incident with a taxi. The driver lost control of the vehicle.”

A video of the incident shows cars in a line at a standstill or near standstill (including the taxi). The taxi suddenly veers out of the line, makes a sharp right turn, goes onto the sidewalk and continues straight running, ploughing into pedestrians for the next 10 meters until the taxi tuns into a traffic sign.

The driver then jumps out of the car and sprints away (he was later captured by police).

The driver carried a license issued in Kyrgyzstan, a Muslim-majority country which was once part of the Soviet Union. This is, of course, no proof that the incident was an Islamist terror attack. However, given the circumstances, it is certainly within the realm of possibility. Hence, without time for interrogation, the response by authorities in Russia is irresponsible at best and smacks of a cover-up at worst, Why? To prevent panic and/or economic loss and as a way for Russia to save face for such a security failure, among other reasons.

Accident or Terror? You Decide | Clarion Project

Amid calls by Islamic State for lone wolf attack on the 2018 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, a taxi driver near Red Square swerved onto the sidewalk and run over a crowd of people. Almost immediately, authorities said it was an accident even though a video shows otherwise. Why?