89YO describes Twin Falls sex incident

This story is like peeling an onion to get thru layers to the truth. First it was “nothing happened.” Then it was “no Syrians; no knife; no gang rape.” And now this. There’s a lot more going on here than little kids “playing doctor.”

The 89-year-old woman who came across a 5-year-old Twin Falls girl following that girl’s sexual assault has told her story to Statesman partner KIVI 6 On Your Side. In a report aired Wednesday night, the woman identified as “Grandma Jo” talks about noticing a young boy shooting photos outside of the Fawnbrook Apartments’ laundry room.

“I just opened the door, and there they were. A little girl, with no clothes on and two little boys,” the woman told 6 On Your Side. “I told those boys to get your clothes on right this minute, and if I were your mama, I would spank your little butts. And the little girl was saying, ‘Please grandma help me, please grandma help me,’ so I went over there. When I got over to her and picked her up, I realized in her hair and all over her body and her clothes they had urinated all over them. It was terrible.”

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