7 Things You Need To Know About Arrested Democratic Staffer Imran Awan

Via Aaron Bandler

  1. Awan has been described as “very cunning and shady.”
  2. In addition to the accusation of bank fraud, Awan has been accused of life insurance fraud.
  3. Awan and his brothers ran a car dealership that reportedly took out a loan from an Iraqi doctor with ties to a Hezbollah figure that has yet to be paid off.
  4. Awan and his brothers have been involved in other shady activity.
  5. The Awans’ IT work allowed them access to the emails of any files stored on the computers of the congressmen they worked for.
  6. Awan also had access to the password for Wasserman Schultz’s iPad.
  7. Awan had wired almost $300,000 to himself when he tried to leave for Pakistan.

This story, which could be potentially be a blockbuster story, raises a myriad of questions, which Ben Shapiro discusses here.