5 Acid Attacks in 90 minutes

You have to wonder what it will take for the Brits to be completely fed up. 

Two men terrorized east London Thursday with five acid attacks in less than 90 minutes.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of being one of the attackers. The duo rode mopeds around the area and threw liquid acid in peoples’ faces. One of the victims suffered “life-changing” injuries.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan police commissioner, described the attacks as “completely barbaric.” Police assume the attacks are linked since two of the victims had their mopeds stolen.

“The acid can cause horrendous injuries,” Dick told LBC radio, according to BBC.

Acid attacks have increased at an alarming rate in the British capital in recent years. More than 1,800 attacks have been reported since 2010. In 2016 alone, corrosive fluids were involved in 458 crimes — up from 261 in 2015.

UK police appeal for information after spate of acid attacks

LONDON – Five linked acid attacks in quick succession by men on mopeds in London left several people injured, British police said Friday. They are the latest in a spate of assaults with corrosive liquids that have alarmed residents and politicians.