32% of likely voters said they “would consider” voting Libertarian

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson

According to a new poll, 32% of likely voters said they “would consider” voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson could have a better showing in November than his current 9 to 10 percent polling averages suggest, according to a Morning Consult poll published Monday.

Thirty-two percent of likely voters reported they would at least consider voting for libertarian Johnson. The candidate has consistently polled at 9 to 10 percent in national polls, well under the 15 percent required to join the debate stage in September.

Additionally, 26 percent of likely voters responded they are undecided on Johnson, meaning 58 percent of voters are at least open to the possibility of voting for the libertarian candidate. Poll officials said there is an unusually high voting ceiling for Johnson, since the libertarian candidate currently only has a 8.9 percent in the Real Clear average.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein also did better than her polling would suggest. Twenty-three percent of voters reported they would at least consider voting for Stein, and 31 percent remained undecided.

Via the Daily Caller