Ah, but don’t think this roller coaster ride is anywhere near being done. Polls say that Hillary is ahead, and other polls say that Trump is. But we await the next twisty turn with the same degree of expectancy shown by a kid standing on the curb waiting for the ice cream truck. Here are my political prognostications, which are admittedly tentative. The Russians will next release a boatload of State Department emails from Hillary’s private server, forcing her to hold a press conference denying that she should be indicted under the Espionage Act. During the presser, she will have some kind of seizure and be hustled off to the hospital. The next day, Donald Trump will have a heart attack, and be taken to a rival hospital across town. A press release war will then break out in which each hospital claims that their candidate is recovering more quickly. But because both of them are out of sight, the authorities will have to arrange for the vice-presidential debates to be held first. The Libertarians will have risen enough in the polls such that Weld will be included. Kaine and Pence will put everyone to sleep, and Weld will then reveal himself to be the twelfth imam. The crowd goes wild.

Via DW