12% of Americans Are Still Uninsured, 7 Years Into Obamacare

I’ve had tons of college-aged adults tell me that they will never pay that kind of money for insurance. And they don’t. Why would any 21-year-old pay $3,744 per year for heath care when they spend $100 per year in health costs? I guess you have to be a wealthy democrat to burn that kind of money. 

It appears that younger Americans are the ones most likely to start forgoing health insurance, Gallup noted in its analysis, explaining, “The uninsured rate has risen 1.9 points among those aged 18-25 and 1.5 points for those aged 26-34 since the end of 2016.” Studies have shown that many younger, healthier Americans have actually opted to pay the penalty for not having insurance, rather than may high premiums for health care plans they’re less likely to need – and that’s assuming they can even meet their deductible.

“For some young adults, the tax penalty for not carrying health coverage may be more financially appealing than paying costly premiums on coverage they need less frequently than older Americans,” Gallup noted.

While the nation saw a notable drop in uninsured rates across the board post-Obamacare (forcing people to buy health insurance at the point of a federal gun will do that), it appears that more and more Americans these days are finding health and insurance to be anything but “affordable.” But doing without it might be.