US Economic Confidence Index at Post-Recession High

Please be sure to note *when* this spike occurred.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ confidence in the U.S. economy reached new heights last week. Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index inched past its prior high of +11 to +13 for the week ending Jan. 22.

Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index

Americans have viewed the economy more positively since President Donald Trump’s election in November than they did in the nine years prior — largely attributable to improved confidence among Republicans. Gallup’s index climbed three points each of the previous two weeks to reach the most recent weekly average of +13. This includes a reading of +15 in the latest three-day rolling average — the highest in Gallup’s trend — based on Jan. 20-22 interviewing conducted after Trump’s inauguration.

Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index is the average of two components: how Americans rate current economic conditions and whether they feel the economy is improving or getting worse. The index has a theoretical maximum of +100 if all Americans were to say the economy is doing well and improving, and a theoretical minimum of -100 if all Americans were to say the economy is doing poorly and getting worse.

Via Gallup.