Trump May Be Flawed, But Hillary May Be Lethal

A different take on Trump. Via the Cd’A Press

This leaves but one question in this current race for the highest office in this land. Who has proven to be the most indecent of the two people vying for that office? You have the narcissistic personality of Mr. Trump (which we all agree is over the top) or the absolute immoral behavior of his opponent. My question for Mr. Black would be this: Is it more narcissistic to speak of yourself in unrealistic terms or to be so self-absorbed and greedy that you do everything in your power to get your agenda satisfied? Is it acceptable to commit criminal acts, carelessness with national security, and downright theft of taxpayer dollars through misuse of power and even stealing from the White House because you feel entitled to do so? This woman has consistently shown intent to have things her way at any cost. While the Donald overlooks his often narcissistic words, this woman expects everyone to overlook her extreme narcissistic actions.

You see, Mr. Black, I do not disagree with you on the issue of Mr. Trump but I cannot support your decision on who to endorse. If decency were the only issue I would not give my vote to either candidate. Unfortunately one of these two despots is going to be elected. We know exactly what Mr. Trump’s opponent will do and she has proven over and over again that she is bad for this country. I wish we had the choice between a morally decent candidate and an immoral despot, but we do not. As painful as it is to say I will take my chances that under pressure, this narcissistic loudmouth might rise to the occasion and follow in the steps of others who have gone before him. The alternative is sure suicide for this great nation.

By Bill Bohanan, a resident of Hayden, ID