These California School Board Members Were Caught Bashing Parents Who Want Schools To Reopen In What They THOUGHT Was a Closed Meeting

I heard about this on Armstrong & Getty today. 

Do school board members really talk like this? They should all be immediately fired/recalled. 

Clearly, the school board doesn’t represent the parents or kids any any way. 

The Oakley, California School Board should be in deep fear of backlash for comments made by members of the board insulting parents who want schools to reopen.

The school board members, who are obviously such sweet and kind people, had some choice words to say about the parents who have taken to social media calling them out for not reopening in person learning.

Strong language ahead, FYI.

They thought they were alone, but one parent had joined the meeting early and decided to get out a second device and record the school board members vile insults and let people see just what these bureaucrat think of the families they’re supposed to be serving.

[Language Warning]

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A third board member insinuates that parents just want their kids in school so they can smoke pot during the day.2/3