Teen Joins Brother in Jail After Plotting to Bomb Elton John Concert on 9/11

Here’s the details about his older brother: 

Syed’s older brother, Nadir Syed, was also jailed for life in 2014 after he planned to behead a “poppy-seller or police community support officer” for Remembrance Sunday.

And the rest of the story: 

A teenager who plotted to bomb an Elton John concert on the anniversary of 9/11 has received a life sentence, but faces the possibility of parole after 15 years.

The Independent reports 19-year-old Haroon Ali Syed from West London has received a life sentence after he pleaded guilty to “preparing for acts of terrorism.”

Between April and September 2016, Syed reportedly tried to obtain a machine gun, a suicide vest, and handguns in preparation for attacking a busy area. When he was unsuccessful, he resorted to planning a nail bomb attack. The Mirror reports Syed was considering attacking an Elton John concert, which was attended by 50,000, or the Oxford Circus.

Syed was in contact with an individual named “Abu Yusuf,” who happened to be an undercover security officer, about his plans.

Syed reportedly spoke about how to achieve “martyrdom” and spoke about going to “paradise” with the undercover security agent.

According to the Mirror, when police raided Syed’s home, he informed them his cell phone passcode spelled out “ISIS.” His phone revealed he was researching information about ISIS, how to make a bomb, and articles reportedly “justifying the killing of women and children.”