Spokane police share body camera footage of ‘disorderly’ man, raising questions


Liberals: you cannot have it both ways. 

You cannot complain that the police are not sharing body cam footage to support your claims of police brutality; and at the same time, complain about body cam footage when it supports the police doing the right things. 

A body camera video of a Spokane police officer’s interaction with an apparently intoxicated man has gone viral, receiving over half a million views in just two days.

Although a success in terms of online views, the video raises legal and ethical questions about how recordings of police interactions with the public are shared.

The man’s attorney and the ACLU are questioning the Spokane Police Department’s motives in posting the video online, especially because the suspect’s name was used in the video description and his face is in full view.

“I haven’t even received any evidence yet for the case,” said Frank Cikutovich, the lawyer representing the man in the video. “Who are we paying in the city to post on Facebook like this and put (in) quippy hashtags?”

WARNING: Contains Offensive Language

Via the Spokesman Review