Racial quotas for special ed?

NewImageTwo quotes from the great Thomas Sowell come to mind as I read the article that follows, 

“It is amazing how many people think they are doing blacks a favor by exempting them from standards that others are expected to meet.”


“If you want to see the poor remain poor, generation after generation, just keep the standards low in their schools and make excuses for their academic shortcomings and personal misbehavior. But please don’t congratulate yourself on your compassion.”

Percentage of children and youth ages 3–21 served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by race/ethnicity: 2014–15


Don’t set racial quotas for special education, writes Jerome Woehrle on Liberty Unyielding. The Education Department is soliciting public inputon delaying ordumping an Obama-era regulation that threatened funding of districts that  disproportionately place blacks and Latinos in special education.

The rule should be repealed, writes Woehrle. “As researchers have concluded, black and Hispanic students are more likely to need special ed, since they are “more likely to be exposed to health-related, environmental, nutritional, social, and economic factors” causing “developmental delays or disabilities.”

Some argue that “blacks and Hispanics are ‘less likely’ to be identified as needing special education when they in fact need it,” he writes.

Via Joanne Jacobs