New Idaho PAC wants Independents, Democrats to register GOP

Which means they cannot vote for their favorite candidate in the primary? I don’t think this will work. Via the Associated Press: 

A former GOP state lawmaker has launched a new political action committee to encourage Independent and Democratic voters to register as Republicans so they can participate in Idaho’s closed GOP primary election.

Kathy Skippen said Wednesday that her group – called Moderates Are Taking Hold – will help educate Independent and Democratic voters on the importance of casting a vote in the GOP primary because Republican candidates rarely face competitive opponents in the general election.

“People who consider themselves as moderate or Independent have to understand they’re getting played,” Skippen said. “We’ve got to take the middle back.”


The Idaho Republican Party closed the state’s GOP primary nearly five years ago so that only registered party members can participate. The party’s more stringent conservatives have long argued that Republicans need to weed out unfaithful members. Other supporters of the closed election process add that primary elections are party events and party nominees should be selected by its members.

While moving to a closed primary has not resulted in a steep drop in voter turnout, critics counter it has forced candidates to woo the state’s strongest conservatives and ignore moderates.

“I still consider myself a Republican, but I’m angry that ultra-conservatives took my party away from me, and I’m angry that nobody else is willing to stand up and fight to get it back,” Skippen said.