Millennials support school choice

Image result for "got choice?" schoolI’m a big supporter of school choice because I’ve experienced first hand what bad education is like. 

And the millennials I’ve talked to had it worse than I ever did. They don’t want their kids to experience what they endured. 

Millennials strongly support school choice — including taxpayer-supported tuition vouchers and charter schools — according to surveys by the American Federation for Children and by USA Today, writes Tommy Schultz in the National Review. (Millennials are 18 to 35 years old.)

In the USA Today poll of the same age group, 79 percent of African Americans, 76 percent of Asian Americans, 77 percent of Latinos, and 66 percent of whites support vouchers for low-income students, reports Greg Toppo.

Charter schools are backed by 65 percent of African Americans, 61 percent of Asian Americans, 58 percent of Latinos, and 55 percent of whites.

 “For the Millennial generation, having many educational options make sense,” writes Schultz. “Many of us graduated high school or college during the 2008 financial crisis, and thus struggled to find work after earning degrees we’d been promised would lead to good jobs. . . . So why would we continue to trust a bulky, monolithic K–12 system that hasn’t been truly reformed in generations and produces meager results on international tests?”

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  1. Scott Dredge

    Note that 75+ percent of Millennials support homo marriage so they aren’t always right, eh?

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