Is free speech only for nice speech?

NewImageWhat do they teach in Civics these days? Oh, wait. They discontinued Civics back in the 1970s. 

The University of California spent $600,000 on security to enable a conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro, to speak on campus.

Thirty-nine percent of college students believe the First Amendment doesn’t protect hate speech and another 16 percent aren’t sure, reports researcher John Villasenor, who conducted anationwide survey.

Does the First Amendment protect “hate speech”?

Political Affiliation Type of College Gender
All Dem Rep Ind Public Private Female Male
Yes 39 39 44 40 38 43 31 51
No 44 41 39 44 44 44 49 38
Don’t know 16 15 17 17 17 13 21 11

Fifty-one percent of students — 62 percent of Democrats, 39 percent of Republicans — said it was OK for a student group to drown out a speaker “by loudly and repeatedly shouting,” if “the speaker is known for making offensive and hurtful statements.”

Nineteen percent of students — 30 percent of males, 10 percent of females — said it wasacceptable to “use violence to prevent the speaker from speaking.”

I was astounded that students believe  — 62 to 38 percent — that theFirst Amendment requiresthat campus events present counterpoints to offensive views.

What do they teach in civics classes these days?

Via Joanne Jacobs