Fake Photograph Linking Trump To Alt-Right Figure Goes Viral

A fake photograph depicting President Donald Trump with “alt-right” personality “Millennial Matt” went viral on Twitter after being tweeted by The Telegraph’s Raf Sanchez went viral across Twitter.

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30,000 retweets, 36,000 likes as of when I’m posting this. 

But it was a photoshopped hack. 

Raf Sanchez on Twitter

@Millennial_Matt It appears @millenial_matt’s profile picture is photoshopped. Here’s the original Trump picture.

Sanchez acknowledged that he sought to connect Trump to white supremacist groups in a subsequent tweet. But notice the correction: 

Raf Sanchez on Twitter

@Millennial_Matt It’s right to correct. It’s also right that a great many of the Nazis in Charlottesville were Trump supporters. Ask David Duke.

Right out of the progressive playbook. “Yes, it’s fake news. But it could have been true. And that’s what’s important.”