Ariz. GOP chair says the presidential election is far from over | One America News Network

KelliwardAriz. GOP chair says the presidential election is far from over | One America News Network:

The chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona, Dr. Kelli Ward, shared an update on election results in her state and is encouraging supporters of President Trump to stay on course. She noted the fight for the presidency is far from over.

“Arizona, I personally and my team are working with the Trump campaign hand-in-hand to ensure that elections in Arizona have integrity,” said Dr. Ward.

In a statement Monday, the chairwoman spoke about the GOP’s latest fight to counter election fraud. She said there are plenty of questions that still need to be answered.

“We’re going into the canvassing phase of this election,” explained Dr. Ward. “That means we’re assuring that the votes cast are cast as the voter intended and counted appropriately, questions that have to be answered.”The sweep of the protests and their wide support by citizens of all political stripes has shocked Macron’s government. In the last few days, Paris saw the worst anti-government riot since 1968, French students set fires outside high schools to protest a new university application system, small business owners blocked roads to protest high taxes, and retirees marched to protest the president’s perceived elitism.

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BREAKING: This afternoon, the @AZGOP filed suit to enforce a hand count by precinct, not voting center, as required by law.”Arizona voters deserve complete assurance that the law will be followed and that only legal votes will be counted.” – Chairwoman @kelliwardaz

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