Anyone Who Doesn’t Understand What the Alt-Right Is Needs to See This

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg and Townhall columnist and Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt sat down this morning to discuss something they’ve been discussing publicly on Twitter: who is the alt-right?

If you don’t know what the term means, this is critical viewing/reading (transcript below), but even if you do already have a good idea, this discussion is amazingly englightening regarding how to deal with the “movement” that has been in the news and that Hillary recently tied to the Trump campaign and to Breitbart dot com. 

There is almost nothing to add, but I would submit one note. Regarding the relationship between the Trump campaign, Breitbart dot com, and the alt right, remember Stephen Bannon’s own words on the subject.

Here’s the clip and transcript. Seriously, watch or read the whole thing.

Hugh Hewitt and Jonah Goldberg Debate Racism and the Alt-right of the Republic Party

A discussion between Hugh Hewitt and Jonah Goldberg of the National Review on what has become a growing issue for Trump, the Alt-right and racist supporters.